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SOS 4 Paws is a nonprofit shelter that accepts and cares for all animals in need and promotes responsible petownership for a more humane community in Middlesex County

SOS 4 PAWS is an “closed admission” shelter, meaning we will only take in animals who are homelessand living off the streets. In a given year, we take in upwards of 200 animals. The volunteer programwas formed to assist the shelter founders in placing as many animals as possible in new homes, andproviding care for them while they are housed at the shelter. Together we will work toward saving all animals.

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Note: You must be 16 yrs+ to volunteer in the shelter independently.

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All volunteer applications are reviewed by the Volunteer Manager. Selected applicants are contacted with orientation dates. Selection of volunteers is based on the interests and skills of the volunteer, ability to demonstrate a commitment to the volunteer program, and current needs of the organization.

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