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To help ensure the best possible placement of our rescued animals, and in order to determine that the proposed adoption is in the best interest of the animal, you, and your family, please complete each of the following questions. Please be as thorough as possible. S.O.S. 4 PAWS reserves the right to refuse adoption to any application.

Type of Animal You Wish to Adopt:
Name of Animal
Applicant's Name
Spouse's Name
Home Phone
Cell Phone
Work Phone
Place of Employment
Name Personal Reference

Household Information
1. Do you live in a:
2. Do you:
3. If you rent: Are pets allowed?
Landlord Full Name
Does your landlord require a security deposit?
4. Length of time at current residence
Previous Address
5. If you are planning on adopting a dog, do you have a fenced-in yard?
What type of fence (chain link, stockade, etc.)?
If you do not have a fenced yard, what arrangements do you plan to make for exercise and toilet duties?
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Age of children
8. Do you have a swimming pool?
9. Have allergies to animals been a problem to any household member?
10. Are all family members aware that you are considering adopting a pet?
11. Do they all approve?

Pet History
1. Do you own other pets?
If yes please complete information below
Total number of animals
Are they current on they vaccinations?
Are your dogs on Heartworm preventatives?
If you have cats, do your cats go outside?

Animal 1

Lenght of Ownership

Animal 2

Lenght of Ownership

Animal 3

Lenght of Ownership

2. Have you had other pets in the last five years? If yes, what happened to them?
3. Have you ever given up a pet for adoption?
If yes, please explain the circumstances
4. Have you ever adopted from the S.O.S. 4 Paws Animal Shelter before?
5. Have you ever surrendered an animal to the S.O.S. 4 Paws Animal Shelter?

Pet Information
1. Will there be someone home with your pet during the day?
2. What is the greatest number of hours the pet will spend alone daily/nightly? Hours:
3. Where will the pet spend most of its time?
4. Where will your new pets main sleeping quarters be?
5. Is there someone home at night?
6. Do you plan to travel with your pet?
7. If not, where will the pet stay while you are away?
8. Have you ever taken a dog to obedience class?
9. Have you ever crate trained a dog?
10. What types of activities do you plan for you and your dog?
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Desired Animal
1. What type of animal are you looking for?
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2. What sex animal are you looking for?
3. What age animal are you looking for?
4. Would you accept an animal that has a treatable medical condition?
5. Why do you wish to adopt this type of animal?
If other, please explain
6. If interested in a cat, are you planning to declaw him/her?
7. Are you planning to let the cat go outside?
8. Would you allow a Shelter representative to do a home check?

Veterinarian Information
1. Name of current veterinarian:
2. Name & location of Animal Hospital:
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3. How much do you think this pet will cost you each year (please include food, heart worm preventative, flea control, medical and dental care, supplies, training, grooming, boarding costs and toys)?
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Post Adoption Requirements
  1. If you adopt a puppy or a kitten, you’re required to sterilize him or her by six months of age.
  2. If adopting a cat from S.O.S. 4 PAWS, you will keep him/her indoors.
  3. If adopting a dog, you will abide by your Town’s leash law.
  4. You would return the animal to us if you feel you cannot keep him/her. You must not sell the animal or give it to anyone else.
  5. You are responsible for providing proper shelter, food, water, exercise, medical care and humane treatment at all times for your companion animal.

I certify that the information given on this application is true and correct. If I am approved by the S.O.S. 4 PAWS to adopt an animal, I agree to all the above requirements. I understand that failure to comply with any of the requirements will result in confiscation of adopted animal.

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